Saturday, March 14, 2009

An addiction to coffee

Everyone has a vice. Well, mine is probably not a vice, so much as an addiction. Two things - coffee and work. (My family could list more, but these are my perennial top two.) I enjoy work and I tend to work too much, but that's a whole other blog. I've often thought I need to research the twelve steps so that I could deal with these afflictions, but not there yet. :) LOL
Coffee! Awwww! The blissful smell the first thing in the morning. With all of the coffee shops and different kinds of coffee that exist, it can only reflect that I share my addiction with millions of others in the world.
As a kid, I began drinking plain old Folger's but really, I just enjoyed a little coffee with my sugar and Coffee Mate. When I got older, it became a true cup of coffee with a little sugar and Coffee Mate. (Generic powdered cream just would not do!) The next milestone in my addiction came at a camping trip. No sugar was available and I needed my first cup of coffee - thus the graduation to "perculator" coffee with coffee mate. This also stimulated the curiosity of the cup in which I drank it out of. More to come on that.
My next step toward my addiction I must share with my husband. He has quirky hobbies from time to time. You may have read about them before - different types of chickens, teas, wines, fish, clays for his pottery, magazines etc. Each subject being researched and different things tried and tested until another interesting subject came along. I always enjoy his process. Anyway, trying different brands of coffee was one of his fads. Even to the detail of should it be finley ground or course. So, I went from regular, cheap Folgers or Maxwell house, to more expensive brands. We invested in a coffee bean grinder and even had a Espresso/Cappuccino machine for a while. (I'm happy to say that Espresso never fit my taste buds.) I'm not much on gadgets so the bean grinder is just adding 5 minutes to the delay of my first cup.
Today, I make my morning cup a routine and pleasurable. The first cup is always the best - one that I sit and enjoy and do nothing for 10 minutes. Ahh! I do try to get some nutritious benefit from it - I have added half-n-half to my addiction. I'm sure my husband can attest that a cup of coffee must be hot, must be fresh and MUST have half-n-half to really be wonderful! I will forgo a cup of coffee at a restaurant or fast-food when we travel if half-n-half is not on the menu - that is unless it is my first cup - then all bets are off. Styrofoam cups are even allowed in those moments.
In addition to these essential needs, the cup in which it is sipped from must be considered.
I don't like the heavy mugs, but china is too fancy and the coffee gets cold too quickly. The rim of the cup must be just right so that as my lips feel the first sip, they fit just right so that I don't get burned, yet can guide the glorious liquid to my taste buds and enjoy the heat as it warms my soul. Mmmm! If the coffee gets warm or even cool, it will not be consumed. Down the hatch for antoher one to be prepared. I have special cups that I enjoy in particular. At work, I usually carry a "Don't Mess with Texas" coffee cup as I make rounds. There is probably not a person that knows me that does not associate that cup with me.
In spite of the pitifulness that some may think of my addiction, I do have some rules. My body can tell when the 10:30 am hour is approaching. A cup after that time just is not the same. A late night cup of decaf is sometimes a treat when there is a chill in the air, but normally the morning hours of 0500 - 1030 are the highlight of this pleasurable experience.
I have seen many pictures over the last few years and there I am with my cup in my hand! My hair is usually a mess and my make-up is not on, but by golly! I have my coffee. Christmas mornings would not be the same if I couldn't enjoy my cup of java during all the fun and chaos!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

A beautiful Sunday afternoon!

It's a beautiful day in March! The weather is quite different than a week ago. Last weekend we had 6 inches of rain, followed by 2-3 inches of snow and very cold weather. Today it is currently 72 degrees. Tim and the boys are planting long-leaf pines. The other two "boys" (Riley and Pell) our two Brittany Spaniels, are galloping in the field, barking and the birds in the trees who seem to chipper at them "Ha! Ha! You can't catch me!"
Walker has been a big help by driving his battery operated John Deer Tractor. He has picked up pine cones and dumped them in the "forest". He has shown mom how independent he is with gathering the eggs - from the arc and the hen house. You can tell he has done this more than once - from the details of placing the broom in front of the door so the wind won't shut it and lock him in (Dad has done that more than once), to the latching of "hooks" on the ends of the arc. He even knows to gently place the eggs in the bucket. Today also brings a graduating moment for Walker. We allowed him to go from 1st speed to 2nd speed on his tractor. Wow! His excited smile showed he thought he was a big boy like his brother. So, off he cruises with mom close behind, wearing his new sunglasses and enjoying a day on the farm.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Badin Rd Drive-IN Theatre

In our busy lives, the relationship of husband and wife is often not a priority with work and kids,the to "do list" and the chaos of living life. Tim has tried to encourage a date night every other Friday - we did great for about 3 events and then reality interfered. Oh well! We still enjoy sitting on the couch together and just hanging out - the dogs wrestling, Walker riding his Big Wheels and Hunter on his video game. Oh yea - the phone ringing, the cat meowing at the door, the dryer humming, the oven buzzer, the TV wide open - its quite enchanting evening!
Saturday brought a trip to Wal-mart together! Its the simply things in a relationship that matter. :) Then, Tim was placed on-call at work, much to his dismay. Me? I'm trying to come up with a hundred ways to avoid homework. (It's a dreadfully boring - theory and research.) So, the lightbulb goes off and I have a brillaint idea. We head to the drive-in on Badin Rd in Albermarle, NC. We've been about three times and always enjoy it.
As a kid, one of my fun memories was loading up in my dad's old International jeep. We would have hot dogs wrapped in cheese and a flour tortilla. Often times we would even have polish kielbasa sausage wrapped in the flour tortillas. There was always a cooler full of ice cold drinks. I hope maybe my dad and mom can enjoy that feeling again on one of their trips here.

And then as I grew older, the back row at the drive -in was a place for the teenagers to hang out. It was always fun to "hide" someone or one(s) to see if we could get a good deal: 5 for the price of 3. :)

Smokey and the Bandit, Grease and Urban Cowboy were some of the movies I remember.

Two movies - $5. popcorn and drinks - $10. Date night with my husband - $priceless.
For our Wal-mart trip there was Visa!

Spring Soccer Season begins

Hunter made a goal!! This is a big deal since his position is on the defensive end as a sweeper.
(I sound like I know a lot, but not hardly!) Yea for Hunter! Walker cheered, "Go Hunter! Go Brother!" This was our first game since our the first one scheduled was cancelled due to the weather. His team didn't win, but they played well and seemed to have fun!
The afternoon was celebrated with a nap for dad, a trip to the cousins for Hunter and Walker and mom watching Sponge Bob! and washing clothes. The weather is beautiful, but such a tease!