Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Staying healthy?

With respect to my hubby, we decided to partake in the local area "free" community center activity.
Off on our bikes at 0715 (some vacation when we have to get up early) to be greeted with good mornings and lets get warmed up. Yes, we did morning aerobics! First time for Tim. First time in a long time for me. Nonetheless we walked, we jumped, we stepped, we shimmied, we grape-vined, we cha-cha'd, we momboded, we stretched and we sweated! We lost time, we lost our steps, we stumbled, we mostly got confused! We had fun! I wonder if I can talk him into the power ball on free Friday?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day One - Ocracoke 2009

Is it considered a vacation when your up at 0700? Well, I guess technically I got to sleep in. A few wonderfully blissful cups of coffee on the upper deck. The breeze is nice. The temperature about 73 degrees. The house is quiet. Aaahhh! Vacation has begun!
Walking the dog down the road, Walker on his bike with training wheels, the sun shining bright - working hard prior to this all seems worth it.
A trip to the coffee shop and then a bike ride around the village - very relaxing! off to the beach we go! Although the wind was heavy, positioning the truck to block it worked well. We had a picnic lunch, Tim caught some bait fish and then, the only catch of the day - a 3 lb blue fish! Back to the house by 5pm ish. Tim grilled some chicken and created a nice feast. We ate, got full, sat on the coach and visited with friends, then off to bed for me! Vacation means going to bed early for me!
The boys were up much later, but I was asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow! Aahhhh! Life is good.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Off to the beach we go!

We were up much too early to consider this the start of the vacation. not to mention all the manual labor, so vacation hasn't started yet!! Up at zero dark thirty...thank goodness for coffee! My daughter and I had a discussion about the benefits of a good cup of coffee and all the necessities to make it a good cup. For those that have read my previous blogs, I'm picky about my morning cup of Java. The coffee was good, but the fake, fat free Coffee Mate just isn't my cup of "coffee". Nonetheless, it was hot and the caffeine did its job. Hot cinnamom rolls fresh out of the oven and we were off to the ferry! We made an emergency pit stop on the side of the road. our 3 year old doesn't quite understand, "you'll have to wait" or " can you try to go potty?". nevertheless, an empty warehouse lot and some bushes was just fine for him. Weeds needed to be watered too!
A nice cat nap in the van as the ferry traveled 28 miles to Ocracoke in 2 and 1/2 hours. We were greeted with rain and puddles of standing water. The rain ceased when it was time to unload. Be mindful that all Ocracoke houses are ALL up stairs. Whew! got my excercise for the week! Stuff unpacked and sheets on the bed, supper made and then to bed! We're here!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

A busy Saturday

Saturday was a busy day. Soccer in the am. A quick visit to the hospital to see Roger feeling much better. A quick lunch in the cafeteria. Then, Hunter was off to his first baseball practise. After about an hour and a half, we raced home to finish packing and loading. We finally left around 4:30 on our way to Brittney's house. Homemade veggie soup and pizza was our family dinner and some fun visiting and chatter. Staying with Brittney for the night was a great way to break up the long trip from our house to Ocracoke Island. There was too much activity today to say we were on vacation yet...maybe tomorrow?

Go Soccer parents!

There are soccer parents around the world, however, surely are not as dedicated as us.
This past Saturday, after waiting anxiously until 0730 to see that surely the fields would be closed - NOT!- dad, mom, Nana Wee and Walker cheered Hunter and his team on to victory. We have cheered in the blistering heat as well as in the frigid cold. We have cheered from inside the van due to the wind and cold. This particular Saturday brought a whole other situation to cheer in - it was drizzly and wet. With the drizzle came a slight wind and then, of course, it was chilly. As die hard soccer parents, we endured, we cheered and thankfully, we won! The boys on the team seem to enjoy the rain, the wet and all of the mud! A few slips from the wet grass, a few bizarre kicks from the wet ball, a few smiles and lots of fun - the team continues their 3 and 0 undefeated season.
Go Hunter! Go parents!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Favorite Song

One of my newest "favorite" songs!

Our California, Washington and Oregon Trip. American Vacation!

This is a group of pictures from our Western Vacation during the
month of July. As you can see, it was far ranging and mostly dry.
Beautiful country, but a long way between things. It is all very BIG!

 We took off for our trip, starting with the Redwood forests, soon
after leaving our week long stay in San Francisco. Even though it
shouldn't have, it seemed like a whirlwind trip. Maybe next time.....