Monday, February 16, 2009

Mr Gadget to Mrs. NON-Gadget

My husband will attest that I am not into gadgets or the bells and whistles that come on gadgets. A new fad of something starts and I'm usually the last to know. I had to upgrade my numeric pager to an alpha numeric one. What I thought was vibrate was instead Jingle Bells in the middle of a meeting. My husband got me a Mac as I started my graduate degree back in October. It's wonderful and would be even more wonderful if I knew how to use it! :) My husband got me a new flip phone some time back. All I wanted was the flip part of the phone. It has lots of capabilities, but I just need to be able to dial and talk. I think I have four numbers listed in my contacts and it takes pictures at the most bizarre times. Oh well! An Ipod? An Itouch? Couldn't really tell you much about those. And then there is our Garmen. The latest fad for travelers. So many had great things to say, so my husband, with his generous kind heart, had Santa help him continue his quest to get me more "gadget friendly". Hmm! She has a pleasant voice, but she has got to be a blonde! More often than not, turn here, recalcute, turn here, drive 5 miles just to turn around? Giving "her" the benefit of the doubt, I allow her to get me home on Sunday from Wilmington. Talking to Walker, yelling at the dogs, radio blarring, I follow the instructions provided like the dutiful, seatbelted driver that I am. "She" sends me down I40 to Fayetteville, then home! What was she thinking? So, I pull out my trusty old-timer Garmen - the map- and decide MY way is better! Well, several off roads later, a detour on Highway 41 west, a two lane road behind a slow poke, and 3 and 1/2 hours later- we arrive. I did allow "her" to continue to talk to me throughout the trip, but only so I could count the many times I knew where I was going better than she did! What a gadget! I decided that I just don't think like a gadget! I believe in the KISS principle - Keep it Simple! I hope my husband doesn't give up on me. Perhaps there is a gadget that I will fall in love with....or maybe not!

Meet Bob

It was hard to get up when Bob woke me this morning at 0500. (Bob? No, its not our dog or cat. Rather, he is a gift from my husband! He has a nice shiny, round head - much like my hubby's! He's quiet and bright too - much like my hubby! He kind of reminds me of "weebles wobble but they don't fall down!" (Not like my hubby! :)
He's my new handy dandy alarm clock! He gently wakes me in the morning so my mornings start off with a nice, calmness and not a blaring horn! A true reflection of my hubby's love of gadgets, yet simple enough to be a reflection of my preferences.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Life of leisure

Well, its back to the routine. Well, is there really a routine when you have a busy job, an interesting husband and busy kids? Hmm? It will probably snow again because I took a couple of days off from work. The boys and I zipped off to Wilmington much to the generous offering of my brother and sister-n-law's home away from home. Tim was in class all day Thursday so he joined us later. Relaxing by the water, enjoying watching few boats traveling down the inland waterway, going for a walk on the beach with boys and dogs - the weather was great too! and just simply chillin' out was great! No work! No phone! No house chores! (well, I did get caught up on our laundry) Three days of bliss!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I'm on Facebook!!

To many that read this, why in the world would Joy title a Blog entry about being on FAcebook?
Well, as noted over the years, I'm not very computer literate, nor am I in to all the newest fads.
And now there is Facebook! Wow! One of the suggested avenues to keeping in touch with my fellow 2009 AONE fellowship colleagues was to have a place on Facebook. So, with the insightful help of my husband, and of course, Brittany a few days later, I now have an account. It has been a good tool for the AONE fellows (American Organization for Nurse Executives). It has also allowed me to say a quick hello to some old friends. Prior to facebook, many were just names and memories. It is amazing at how this product gets you in touch with people through so many other people! Cool.