Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I'm on Facebook!!

To many that read this, why in the world would Joy title a Blog entry about being on FAcebook?
Well, as noted over the years, I'm not very computer literate, nor am I in to all the newest fads.
And now there is Facebook! Wow! One of the suggested avenues to keeping in touch with my fellow 2009 AONE fellowship colleagues was to have a place on Facebook. So, with the insightful help of my husband, and of course, Brittany a few days later, I now have an account. It has been a good tool for the AONE fellows (American Organization for Nurse Executives). It has also allowed me to say a quick hello to some old friends. Prior to facebook, many were just names and memories. It is amazing at how this product gets you in touch with people through so many other people! Cool.

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