Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day One - Ocracoke 2009

Is it considered a vacation when your up at 0700? Well, I guess technically I got to sleep in. A few wonderfully blissful cups of coffee on the upper deck. The breeze is nice. The temperature about 73 degrees. The house is quiet. Aaahhh! Vacation has begun!
Walking the dog down the road, Walker on his bike with training wheels, the sun shining bright - working hard prior to this all seems worth it.
A trip to the coffee shop and then a bike ride around the village - very relaxing! off to the beach we go! Although the wind was heavy, positioning the truck to block it worked well. We had a picnic lunch, Tim caught some bait fish and then, the only catch of the day - a 3 lb blue fish! Back to the house by 5pm ish. Tim grilled some chicken and created a nice feast. We ate, got full, sat on the coach and visited with friends, then off to bed for me! Vacation means going to bed early for me!
The boys were up much later, but I was asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow! Aahhhh! Life is good.

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