Monday, September 28, 2009

Off to the beach we go!

We were up much too early to consider this the start of the vacation. not to mention all the manual labor, so vacation hasn't started yet!! Up at zero dark thirty...thank goodness for coffee! My daughter and I had a discussion about the benefits of a good cup of coffee and all the necessities to make it a good cup. For those that have read my previous blogs, I'm picky about my morning cup of Java. The coffee was good, but the fake, fat free Coffee Mate just isn't my cup of "coffee". Nonetheless, it was hot and the caffeine did its job. Hot cinnamom rolls fresh out of the oven and we were off to the ferry! We made an emergency pit stop on the side of the road. our 3 year old doesn't quite understand, "you'll have to wait" or " can you try to go potty?". nevertheless, an empty warehouse lot and some bushes was just fine for him. Weeds needed to be watered too!
A nice cat nap in the van as the ferry traveled 28 miles to Ocracoke in 2 and 1/2 hours. We were greeted with rain and puddles of standing water. The rain ceased when it was time to unload. Be mindful that all Ocracoke houses are ALL up stairs. Whew! got my excercise for the week! Stuff unpacked and sheets on the bed, supper made and then to bed! We're here!

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