Sunday, September 27, 2009

Go Soccer parents!

There are soccer parents around the world, however, surely are not as dedicated as us.
This past Saturday, after waiting anxiously until 0730 to see that surely the fields would be closed - NOT!- dad, mom, Nana Wee and Walker cheered Hunter and his team on to victory. We have cheered in the blistering heat as well as in the frigid cold. We have cheered from inside the van due to the wind and cold. This particular Saturday brought a whole other situation to cheer in - it was drizzly and wet. With the drizzle came a slight wind and then, of course, it was chilly. As die hard soccer parents, we endured, we cheered and thankfully, we won! The boys on the team seem to enjoy the rain, the wet and all of the mud! A few slips from the wet grass, a few bizarre kicks from the wet ball, a few smiles and lots of fun - the team continues their 3 and 0 undefeated season.
Go Hunter! Go parents!

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