Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Trip to the zoo

Today, Walker and I went with Hunter and his 2nd grade class to the zoo.We had a great time. The weather was sunny and breezy, perfect for a day outside. I have only been to the zoo in San Antonio, Tx, but our Asheboro zoo is the best. The natural environment they are allowed to roam in is awesome. No city fanfare can be seen or heard here! The highlight was the seals. They put on quite a show. Hunter enjoyed the snakes. Ewwww! Walker enjoyed all the attention from the kids. What a trooper he was too. (He did sleep for three hours straight once he arrived at GM's and GD's. GD's walking and swinging outside didn't hurt any either.)
After an exciting, thighs burning, uphill all the way day, it was off to work for me. Hunter got to party some more. Soccer season is over for the year and some good pizza and cake along with his 1st trophy were enjoyed.
Another wonderful day of motherhood!

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