Wednesday, September 6, 2006

My Wife

I know, this is beginning to look like a series. I don't think it will turn into that, but you never know.  By the way, this is our picture, made in New Orleans before the flood.

I Love Joy.  This has always been true nearly from the time I met her.  She knows that I love her, and also that I stay extremely frustrated with her.  I think she likes it that way.  I wrote this about Joy in about 2000.  It is in the "about" page of our website.
"My family consist of my wife, Joy, who is one of the busiest people that I know. She is currently finishing up her BSN, so hopefully that part will soon be behind her. She also works full time as a nurse manager at FirstHealth of the Carolinas, which is a pretty hefty job in itself. On top of that, she is married to a very difficult and needy husband, almost more than she can bear at times. And finally, the mother to three children, each of them right now in their most difficult stage! She is an amazing women who both frustrates me and awes me at the same time. She would tell you that it is mostly frustration but I am telling you that it is nearly all admiration."

I find that this still sums up much of our relationship.  She is a most incredible and capable woman.  I am still a needy man.  She still works way too much which frustrates me.  I still find that mostly I am filled with Awe for her.  She still doesn't get that.

Joy is not just at the center of my life, she is the center.  I find that I depend on her way too much.  She is a wonderful mother (of 4 now) and a great wife and companion.  She not only puts up with my many hobbies and distractions, she actually encourages them.  I know that I live a certain part of my life through her.  I believe she may also live part of her's through me.

In a world full of weird and misunderstood reasons for being together, are these that bad?


  1. That was a beautiful love letter. You romantic man you.

  2. What a sweet post!

    And I like that picture you posted, Tim, because I can see how much you and my mom look alike.

    I'm not saying you look like a woman or anything. You know what I mean. :)