Monday, March 26, 2007

Roscoe Update

Well, I’ve never been a cat lover. I did not inherit that trait from either of my mom’s or my dad. I do not share that love of creatures as all of my children do. However, as a mother, there are things you tolerate so your children can enjoy things in life. The dog hair was one thing, but now we have cat hair too. The smell of the ferret and now the litter box! Ugh! The constant reminders to the kids to help with these responsibilities……And then there is Roscoe. He is a nocturnal cat, doing most of his prowling in the evening hours and early morning. You can depend on him to be meowing at 0500. He’s like a reincarnated Rooster! In his previous home, he was fed at 5AM and 6PM. We, however, leave food out all day for both the cat and the dog. Why we buy two different kinds, I don’t know. The cat likes the dog food and the dog likes the cat food. It also gives Walker more food to throw! Anyway, Roscoe loves Danielle. When she is upstairs, he seems to be close underfoot. Once when leaving the deck door open as I was cleaning, the dog, cat, and toddler were on it. It stands 12 foot off the ground. The crazy cat jumps off the deck onto the grass. Oh my word! How he got his fat body (thickened from eating all day long) and through the small spindles of the deck wall? He did land feet first though- no broken bones. Danielle was the one we had to wake up to go fetch him from the outside. He will have nothing to do with me – Darn!, much less Tim or Hunter. He runs from Walker---Walker’s tail pull is quite fearsome. Smart cat though, he runs when Walker’s pitter patter is near. Then there is the bolted runs of the cat being chased by the dog – the fern and plants in the sunroom getting knocked over – just because they seem to be having fun. Although it took awhile for the cat and the dog to become friends, it’s the one thing I enjoy about Roscoe now. Pell will tantalize him, wagging his tail all the while. The cat loves it and he defends his honor quite well. The cat throat grab from Pell, the scratching and nail claws from Roscoe. The cat hiding discreetly under a piece of furniture smirking and boldly twitching his tail because Pell can’t reach him. One can’t help but smile! It’s sick entertainment like this that allows me to tolerate all the chaos!

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