Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Brittney turns 23!

With every year that Brittney gets older, it is yet another anniversary year that I have been blessed to be a mother. As she enjoys the benefits of age and wisdom, I reflect on the many joys my kids bring. Each birthday always brings a sense of pride and an immense feeling of happiness.

Brittney has always, thus far, enjoyed a celebration specifically for her birthday. Its so close to Christmas, but we have tried to ensure birthday gifts were Birthday and Christmas was Christmas. Her and her dad tried to create a July birthday, but instead it meant two birthdays rather than just one. Tim decided this was defeating the purpose of saving money.

Her party was filled with a cake baked by her dad and family gathering for spaghetti dinner and conversation.

These exciting looking pajama bottoms were compliments of her uncle Jerry and Aunt Leesa! Quite fun and attractive. Although the model does not show all they have to offer - hip huggers and bell bottom seem to be part of thier appeal, not just the color and velour fabric.

Best of all was a Birthday song and kiss from her little brother.

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