Thursday, November 2, 2006

Children at all ages

Anyone who is a mother can relate to "not enough hours in the day". The chores and day-to-day activities are endless and even when you feel you've got something accomplished (i.e. the laundry, the dishes, the floors) its all ready for you to do again in a matter of hours. Then you have the trials and tribulations of each child at different stages in their lives. For instance, Brittney is 19, almost 20. Very responsible and independent. Yet as a mother, I worry about her driving, walking late on campus, getting enough sleep and eating right, and "why hasn't she called?". Danielle, however, is a different kind of worry. Will she interact with the right kind of kids at school? Will she become independent some day? Will she make the right decisions? Hunter, at the age of 8, 3rd Grade - are the kids nice to him at school? He is so smart about some things, but can he be consistent in all areas? Will he get hurt playing soccer? Now, let's add Walker - the infant - to the list of worries - taking steps? putting what in his mouth? throwing a fit about what? For all the glory we get for being moms, it doesn't come without a head full of all kinds of stuff, some sleepless nights, a few tears, but lots of hugs!

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