Monday, November 20, 2006

It's his 46th!

Today is my sweet husband's 46th birthday! He just keeps getting sweeter and more handsome as the years go by. He enjoyed a hard day at work! We did celebrate with cake and ice cream. Although I was threatened not to embarass him at work, several of his female co-workers did me proud and sang Happy Birthday! Later we opened presents with his new Crocks being the highlight! A new pair of PJ's and a NC STate coffee mug - oh yea! Hunter was excited to encourage his team! Nevertheless, the Tarheel girl shared from the UNC campus via the phone! We love you Dad!


  1. I'm sure you meant his 36th, since I'm only 40. You do the math.

    His "birth day" is one of my earliest memories- Happy Birthday little bro!