Thursday, April 12, 2007

Help with the housework

I thought you all might enjoy seeing this picture of Joy running the vacuum cleaner with a little help. Seems as this is a commonality to all of our children - they like vacuums when toddlers, tractors and lawnmowers when preschoolers and neither when they are teenagers!

This picture (it is Brittney) is no different than what you might see around the house now with Walker or what you might have seen a few years ago with Hunter. Walker even got his own vacuum for Christmas and has used it a lot, although he certainly prefers the real thing. Anything that makes a lot of noise or is outside seems to interest him. The boy would live outside.

Hunter also likes the outdoors and would spend as much time as possible there. It seems that we have a hard time getting him there. Just yesterday (he is out of school this week), we had planned a day at Badin Lake but were unable to go because of the nasty, cold weather. We did end up going geocaching in the rain. We had good luck and quickly found three, but got completely soaked in the endeavor. Took a trip to Biscuitville to warm us up!!


  1. i love that picture! nice post dad!

  2. If the mom in the picture were a few pounds heavier, it really would make one think - is this Walker? Their blonde hair is not the only trait our youngest and oldest share. A strong will and a huge amount of determination are qualities they both have.