Friday, April 6, 2007

The Big Fish!

This is no Fish tale! A fish tail, yes! Brittney, being the daughter of a hard core fisherman – braved the waters of Baden Lake, as did Hunter, to set out a Trot line! (A long rope like thing with hooks bated with yucky stuff and left to sit in the water, waiting for some dumb fish to take a bite) Kind of takes the fun out of real fishing, but anyway! Midnight comes and a need to check the lines is noted. “We were just riding along the lake, enjoying the moonlight. We slowly pulled up to where we had our line placed. And out of the peaceful water jumped this huge creature. It was splashing its tail in the water, ‘bout made me pee in my pants. I jumped up, screamed and started to clammer to the back of the boat. I could hear dad yelling “Brittney settle down. Your about to rock over the boat, not to mention fall out.” But dad, it’s like the creature from the black lagoon!” Dad calmly stated, trying hard not to laugh, “Brittney, I need your help.” The determined tone and covering of the laughter seemed to calm her down. I’m sure the boat engine could hardly handle dragging in such an enormous catch! They brought in the “creature” by placing it in a net and dragging it to shore. Two grown men had to carry it up to the campsite. What a commotion in camp. Lights from cameras were flashing. Whoo Whee’s ! were heard from all who were awake and even from others who got woken up from all the commotion. I slept!

The following day I did gasp and awe at the catfish. However, as stated previously, my support and love for my husband and his hobbies does not include cleaning, cooking or eating his catches or kills! This 35-40 lb mammoth of a fish would find another kitchen sink and stove! Very exciting though, if I do say so myself, as he was bigger than Walker! Quite a contrast to the Neon Tetras he caught for our fish tank at home.

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  1. Sounds like tall tale to me!! I like your re-telling of the story much better!