Saturday, July 5, 2008

Enjoying the rain shower!

Today, we received a nice shower - just enough to dampen the grass. A nice tease for what we thought could have been much needed inch of rain! We enjoyed sitting on the front porch listening to the rolling thunder and seeing the occassional lightening streak! We tried to convince Walker that it was fireworks all over again, but he wasn't convinced. 
   The simple things can really make a parent smile - Walker playing  and finding so much excitement with catching and kicking the ball, running out into the rain, seeing a puddle and stopping for only half a second before jumping to see the splash! And did I mention he enjoys being in a little clothing as possible lately!
Hunter was not to be excluded in the enjoyment of the evening. The last year or so he has began to share his dad's interest in different types of things that go boom! So, the BBGun, the Pellet gun, the pistol (mom finally learned how to use that thing she pulls out some nights when Tim is not there) and then there was Hunter's Christmas present - that we all shot - mom hitting the target twice out of five :) Anyway, we enjoyed the simplicity of the rain, the evening and just being together. Danielle's presence is missed. I am completely surrounded by males - three boys and a dog!

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