Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Walker's 3rd Birthday

Yesterday was Walker's third birthday!  It is hard to believe that he is growing up so fast.  His time is flying.

had Grandmother and Granddaddy over to share in his birthday cake. 
Walker really had fun and liked blowing out his birthday candles.  He
got them all the first time!

the cake, of course come the birthday presents.  Hunter was there to
help him, just in case he got into a bind.  Walker really likes doing
anything with Hunter!

got a lot of cool presents - a couple of games (Chutes and Ladders,
this duck game), a sticker book (he is completely wrapped up in the
sticker books right now - one he got from his uncle Jerry at Christmas,
he plays for hours), a toy lever action rifle and a piggy bank.

Finally, we had a family game of laser tag.  I was outnumbered because the two boys teamed up against me.  No fair!

Last, Walker got a little help from Granddaddy with his newest sticker book.

Birthday Walker.  You have been a great present to us since your real
Birthday!  I hope that your birthday was great and that your fourth
year will be as good as the first three.  I love you !

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  1. Y'all look straight out of the Terminator show in the laser tag picture. Beware.