Friday, January 1, 2010

Belated Holiday Tradition

One of my hopes every holiday season is to create and bake some goodies.
The family and I usually work in some time to bake or create something simple and share with our family and friends that live down our road and have a special place in our hearts. That amount is too many to count for those in our hearts, but for our holiday delivery we usually see about 8 homes.
This season we didn't seem to find the time for us to do our baking until after Christmas. Perhaps this will add to the tradition and deliveries will occur after all the other Christmas goodies have gone and the timing will add to the length of the holiday eating tradition. So tonight, we bake. Cat Stevens, James Taylor and Stevie Nicks are a few of those playing on the iTouch. (Santa brought me a new ITouch as well as an IHome dock to go with it. Works great when the kids have the TV on cartoons and the computer is filled with games to be played. My new toys allow me to listen to Pandora online and keep the rhythm while I cook and clean. )
Tim has a new creation each year and this year it is GingerBread Cake . I believe we are now at his third completion. Tomorrow morning will be the Fresh Hot Apple Pies. Mmmmm! The interesting story this evening however, is the fact we were both cooking in the kitchen at the same time. We usually give each other plenty of space and time between creation, but tonight, well, we had fun. We determined that we didn't do a good job communicating, even when in the same tiny space, specifically regarding who needed the oven and for how long. And then we had Chocolate chip mishaps. Oh my! I used the last bag. He had his eye on them. to Wally world he went. Did I mention it was 10PM at night? He had everything mixed for his Congo squares. (Another new item this year.) Our plan is to put the finishing touches on our creations and the family will pile into the van and make deliveries tomorrow! The goodies may not be perfect, but the love, fun and thought that is going into each special treat is 100% guaranteed.

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  1. It is always fun to make and deliver these goodies during the holiday. I think I do like the idea of postponing the tradition to the New Year weekend. And yes, we did play well togetther in the kitchen this year!