Thursday, April 8, 2010

A night on the farm!

Ahh! Sleep! Up early, busy day at work, fourth night in a row up late to get caught up with school. Head on pillow, eyes closed....peaceful....

And then there was this rattling noise. My eyes open, up I go to discover that Brittney's gerbil has decided to excercise on his merry-go-round wheel. Off to the opposite end of the house and behind the bedroom door he goes. Back to to la la land!

Up I jumped...I arose from such a fright...Pell, the dog is barking and growling and scratching at the window. What in the world? I see the outside cat scramble fast out of sight...low and behold a creature has taken up the cat's perch on the window ledge. He sits with his big eyes looking at me, looking at Pell. Most wild animals would run scared when a human approached them, but not this one. As I walk toward the window, he just sits and stares. This possum was not playing possum. I tap on the window and much to my dismay, he sits. I' m wondering if he is sick or rabid. He sits. He yawns. He remains perched. Even the sound of the dog yapping and barking doesn't frighten him. Is this thing deaf? Is he so dumb he doesn't know that the mean vicous dog could eat him alive? I sit and watch and wonder what to do. It's 1:30 in the morning. Tim is away with the kids. I could get the gun, but then to find the bullets. But I couldnt' shoot him. It would bust out my window. I considered grabbing the broom. It has worked for women shooing critters for hundreds of years. Do I dare? I continue to sit and contemplate my dilemma. I consider calling to wake my husband but decide he wouldn't hear his phone because of his CPAP. I text Brittney instead. "R Yall awake?" What they could have helped with I don't know, but sharing my situation was needed. The phone book is the next idea. Perhaps the animal control people would come out at 2 in the morning and help. I would have to lead them to believe he might be sick. And then, as I consider how long it would take them to get to our house, the critter begins to stir. He looks at me as if to say, "I'm done now. I'm off to my next adventure." He turns, smells the cat's food and saunters away. I was stunned! My beauty sleep had been interuppted for...????
I'm immediately frustrated at Tim...its an ongoing joke between us that everything happens when he is away. :) So, back to the warmth of my bed and the comfort of my pillow. I prayed that all the animals in the world would slumber for a few hours as well....

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