Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring break April 2010

This has been spring break for Hunter and Brittney is off for her spring break as well.
What was originally planned for them to travel out west ended up being staying in NC.
A couple of days on the farm, then a trip to MooreHead city, the aquarium and a state park.
Tim and the boys and Brittney ended up in Wilmington on Thursday night.

I have joined them this afternoon. I worked half a day, got gas in the van, picked up the dry cleaning, unloaded the car, did two loads of laundry, made cupcakes and brownies, washed the dishes, gathered the needed items Tim requested, packed my clothes, packed lots of food, watered the fish, fed the fish, fed the cat, watered Tim's plants/herbs/ fed and watered the roosters, gathered the eggs, fed the guineas, fed the hens, checked on the little chicks, loaded the car, loaded the dog, loaded the rodent and away I drove. Whew!

Weather is beautiful. I'm hopeful it will remain that way for the weekend.

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