Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Trip to Washington DC

We recently took a trip to Washington for two days. Joy had to go to
meetings during the days, but Hunter and I got to roam around the
downtown area, seeing the sights and eating the goodies. We walked a
long ways, but saw a lot. It was great fun and we would like to do it
again. Look out, Gloria! You may be getting house guests.

Hunter and I lost on the Metro. Trying to buy tickets while knowing nothing. Finally found a friendly face that helped us out.

Joy showing her stuff on the ice. She was looking pretty good if I do say so. A real snow bunny. MY snow bunny.

Here I am on the ice trying to show off for my wife. Is it working Joy? Boy that ice is harder than it looks!

Hunter on the mall at dusk. We had a great day, although Hunter said
that I stayed way too long in the history museum. I just had to see
those ruby red slippers.

Joy and Hunter in front of the White House and beside the national Christmas tree.

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