Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas was Groovy

Had a great Christmas this year on the MartinFarm.  The only thing wrong with it was that a bunch of the family got sick.  A nasty respiratory bug going around that seemed to be particularly nasty.  Brittney had it first, but so far it has trickled its way all through the Martin household, striking everyone to some degree, save me (yes, that is the sound of knocking on wood). 

Everyone got a bunch of  Christmas presents that they seemed to like.  I got a 25-06 barrel for my Encore and a stand for my super baby Q grill.  Hunter got a Ruger 77 Rifle in .220 Swift.  He seems thrilled.    He also got a DS lite.  Joy got three (don't ask me why, Santa just couldn't make up his mind) cross necklaces.  She also got a super cool Garmin Nuvi.  Brittney got a bunch of stuff, including about 6 gift cards to everywhere, a new screen for her Macbook, clothes, and a bunch of other stuff. And Walker got tons of toys, including Thomas the train stuff, a remote controlled car and a battery powered ride on John Deere lawnmower with trailer. Danielle also got a lot of stuff sent to Sallie and Chubbys in Texas, including money and clothes, but I do not believe she has picked it up yet. 

All and all, a pretty groovy Christmas, wouldn't you say?


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