Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hunter's Hunter Safety Education Course.

Hunter attended classes today and got his Hunter Safety Certification that is required of all new hunters before getting a license. It is a three day course that takes about 10 hours of class time to complete. Hunter took the class in Siler City, which is a good distance away, but if we had waited on the class to be in Moore County, it would have probably been in the summer or fall. Hunter was excited, and I wanted to strike while the iron was hot!

Hunter, at ten, was the youngest participant in the class. His classes went from 5:30 pm through 9 pm. He attended all three days by himself while Joy, Brittney, Walker and myself went to Pittsboro or Asheboro or stayed around Siler City and burned up time shopping or just kicking around. Tonight was the last night, and Hunter was excited as he would get to take the test tonight. He was confident that he would do well, as he listened intently during the class periods. When the test was over, he had made 100! According to his instructer, he was the only one. Woo Hoo Hunter.

It has been good to see Hunter excited about taking this class. I think we are seeing something of his future today. He excels when something grabs his attention. He also doesn't seem to mind putting himself in groups with more experience and age. I hope that Hunter can take what he has learned here and have a lifetime of safe hunting experiences!

The above is a picture of Hunter at the classroom in Siler City. Congratulations Hunter!

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  1. Congratulations, Hunter!!

  2. Dylan took the hunter safety this pass summer up at Shearon Harris Lake. It set him on fire as well and I could see a big difference in how he handled hiself and his gun this year.

    Hunter, if you ever quit getting "Doe" Fever, its time to quit hunting for awhile.