Saturday, August 26, 2006

A Sunday Picnic at Reservoir Park

It's Sunday. A day spent at work preparing for the upcoming survey! I think we all will be glad when it comes and goes. Nevertheless, Hunter had been wanting to have a picnic all week, so we decided today would be great. Tim loaded all the goodies, the children, the bike, the stroller and, of course, the baby. The weather was pleasant. A nice breeze by the lake. We could have done without the flies, but that's part of a true picnic, so I guess we should be glad for the authenticity of the moment and our pesty guest. Once our delightful lunch was over, off we went - Hunter on his bike, me and Walker strolling along, with Tim and Danielle winding up the rear. The trail around Reservoir park in Southern Pines is about a mile long. About half way around, we hear a crackle in the dry leaves in the woods around us. First a few, then a lot, then the feel of wetness on our face- it began to pour down rain! It had been overcast, but no dark blue to warn us of an impending rainstorm. Where did this come from? There was little shelter provided by the leaves and branches of the surrounding trees, so we opted to keep traveling. So we walked, and walked, and strolled and smiled - laughed through the puddles Hunter enjoyed - smiled as Walker just kicked his feet at the rain drops on his legs. Tim was soaked. Danielle was none too pleased that her whole attire was a mess due to some unexpected rain! My mascara was running, my hair dripping wet, but we were enjoying it together - so another memory in time. By the way, guess when the rain stopped? Yep! As soon as we got around to the parking lot!

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