Saturday, August 26, 2006

Hike at the Moss Foundation

It was a hot Friday afternoon. Tim's latest hobby - going on two years now- GEO-Cashing! What is that you ask? It's kind of like a treasure hunt. Online you find coordinates to place into a GPS device - fancy compus like thing! Then off you go....Well today's adventure was at the Moss Foundation. This is a 4000 acre piece of land outside of Southern Pines. Big horse country out that way. Although lots of trails, they are more intended for horseback riding than walking, however, that would not deter my husband from his hunt, so off we go. Danielle being as excited as she can be, thankfully wearing good tennis shoes and not flipflops! Hunter full of energy and excitement. He loves going for walks in the woods. Me in my scrubs from just getting off of work. Walker in his stroller - thank goodness for the investment in a "jogging stroller". (I never have had any intention of jogging, but the larger wheels make it great for adventures, such as today.) Tim with his GPS, his bag of goodies to share and several water bottles for us all. "Are we there yet?" ask Hunter after 30 minutes of walking. Hmmm?? Where or how far I should say, is this treasure? One mile into the woods we trecked, all for the pleasure of finding the plastic container! I was the one who found it, by the way, just laying there so casually. So- Hunter gets to pick a prize, Tim gets to put his name on the log of others that have come before him. Now, back to the van - another mile I need to add. The sun is beginning to set, the birds are singing, except for when Hunter tries to yell to add something to the peace and quiet. Whew! Walker loves being outside. It's a good thing too because pushing the stroller in soft sand on and off for 45 minutes is tough! We enjoyed petting some horses at a nearby farm which was a treat. Such beautiful animals. End results: mom with thighs burning and sweat dripping, Danielle with silence from ??? I guess exhaustion. Hunter re-energized somewhere along the way back and talking non-stop, Walker just happy to be outside and Dad - soaking wet with sweat, but successful in his goal. Pizza and some cold iced tea was the prize we all got after the end of a busy afternoon. A delightful family outing!

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