Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Meet Muskit

Meet the newest member of our family--Muskit! She/he??? is a two year old ferrit! Hunter saved up his money for a guinea pig and we came home with a ferrit instead. "Quite a deal!", said the sales person. "Yea right!" I said after my weak moment when my subconscious forgot to ask
are you crazy? Its more money out of your wallet! The creature, however, really is sweet and fun to watch. It prances about when you first let it out. Walker has swung it around by its tail more than once with no ill feelings being left behind. I couldn't believe this creatures easy-go-lucky attitude. Pell-the family pooch- loves to chase and smash him with his paws, but the creature eventually gets away only to look back at him from under the shelves and taunt him. "he! he! you can't get me now!" On a closing note, a take away message for all those who think this is so sweet....they stink! Yes they literrally stink! Oh well!

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