Monday, July 27, 2009

A day in Oregon

Monday, July 27, 2009
Sunday night was our night out of San Fran and spent in Crescent City, CA. Pretty uneventful. This was our ending destination after 300 + miles of driving. I slept sound and hard. The boys enjoyed the security of a floor under their feet and the glorious sound of a television.
Our hotel – Curly Redwood Lodge – was built from one huge Redwood tree, cut down in 1952. The Hotel being completed in 1957. Tim described it much like the hotel in the movie CARS – drive in, sort of feel. The rooms were sparce, ancient type of thermostat, 1960’s furniture, no coffee pot, no blow dryer and no ironing board – thus none of the more modern elements, a far cry from the Marriott in San Fran. However, the redwood walls and pillars under the carports was wonderful. The lady at the front desk was very nice and jolly. Our room was $90/night – the most expensive suite there because it had two bedrooms and could sleep up to six. At 930pm at night, we really didn’t care. A regular room would have been $59 – pretty decent price. This was the last room at this hotel and probably the only left in this city as we discovered after several phone calls and attempts to find a place to lay our weary heads.
My morning walk was a quick walk close to the peer and harbor. Lots of fishing boats. Then it was a bright purple thrift shop, then on the main highway, bypassing several full hotels to the corner convenience store. The coffee was fresh and hot, so my day would start right. A mile later I returned to our room. Tim also ventured out to enjoy the fresh air of 55 degrees. Showered, dressed, packed and off we went. 1030 am was a little later than we planned, but the time was perfect for our drive.
A quick stop for a photo opportunity found Tim and the boys admiring the carving of a Mermaid close to the harbor. She looked angry that we were staring, but Tim has a thing for Mermaids. I do not share his interest in MerMen!
More Redwood forest, beautiful rivers winding deep below the road we traveled kept us intrigued and entertained. WE stopped and picked wild BlackBerries on the side of the road. There was a stop here and there and some unique little spots along the way. A geo-cache in the middle of the field in the hollow spot of a tree was the next stop. At 12:45, we had only traveled 75 miles. Not making great time, but enjoying all that the day has to show!
As we pulled up to get gas, we were surprised to find that gas had to be served by the attendant. The process did not seem timely or efficient, but we abided by the rules nonetheless. Some interesting treats along the way was an 8x10 sheet of jerky. Ymm! Later, at a bathroom stop I found a Big Hunk. Not a studly man (I have one of my own) Its a candy bar. Tim nor the boys had ever had one. Chewey white nugget with peanuts. Surely not good for your teeth, but a sweet blast from my childhood trips to the grocery store in Knippa.
The Oregon scenery was not nearly as beautiful as that of the California coastline and Redwoods, but it was nice. Reminded me of West Texas near Alpine with the rolling hills and trees, yet dryness of the scorching summer sun. We pulled over to a Rest Area to stretch our legs and off the boys and I went to sight see. A nice river was a few feet away and a quick dip of our toes helped the 101 degree weather seem bearable. Walker “accidentally” slipped and off into the water he went. He, of course, would have loved to swim, but thankfully a small little water snake appeared and that was enough to keep us hurrying on our way. A picnic in the park was our dinner and then to the LaQuinta for our nights rest. The boys went swimming for a bit and then settled down to cartoons and a warm, comfortable bed. I finished up some homework that was overdue and was fast asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow at midnight.
330 miles was our final number of miles traveled this last Monday in July of 2009. Tomorrow brings a promise of more unseen landscape and adventures

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