Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Day one sightseeing in SF!

Tuesday -
We have the privilege of being on this trip due to my participation in the AONE fellowship. My days this week will be filled with meetings and listening to presentations and speakers. The boys, however, will be free to roam the city!
Today, was a great day for me- connecting and networking with fellow nurse managers and leaders. Getting education on being a better coach and mentor was this mornings fun. The afternoon was filled with interesting information on how the boards of nursing function within the scope of nursing overall. Great insight.
The first day sightseeing for the boys required a quick stop at Goodwill. It seems as though we missed the Internet reference to the awful weather in downtown San Fransisco. It is in the 50's and 60's - windy and damp! Not sure the shorts and short- sleeve shirts I packed are sufficient. I did pack a couple of pants for the boys and a light jacket for the plane ride, but I was prepared for this weather. Burr! And I hate the cold! :(
Hunter was quite amazed at Chinatown! He had never seen so many Asia people. quite an experience. And then there was all the walking. The Streets of San Fransisco has a much appreciated meaning now - not just cops in a TV show chasing bad guys! Walker was a trooper though. He kept up with his big brother and dad every step of the way.
We joined that afternoon at the hotel pool and hot tub! We then dressed and rode the "train" as Walker put it. It is the subway - the Bart. An interesting journey to a Mexican Food - hole in the wall- joint. Typical of a Tim place to eat. It was unique and interesting. The food was good - just tacos and burritos were offered. Walker about fell asleep at the table, but rallied again as we returned to the Hotel. AS usual, I'm the first to slumber. It was 845pm - still a little light outside, but my internal clock said otherwise. We all had a good day!

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