Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Coffee please.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009
Had it not been for my phone ringing at 530am – (8:30 am in NC – Moore Regional hospital time), I probably would have not stirred until late in the morning. Nonetheless, my morning walk began at about 725am. Nothing exciting on this one mile walk other than the catfood and small water container that was randomly placed by the side of the road in an empty field – at least I assumed it was cat food. The weather was in the 80’s and not breezy, but not blistering hot, not yet anyway.
The continental breakfast the hotel offered was a delightful treat and much different than the muffins and bagels and donuts that my children had scoured for the last week for breakfast. Walker and Hunter chose Fruit Loops. I was happy they were at least drinking milk☺ Yesterday I had commented that my morning walk, a good cup of hot coffee with half-n-half, a nice huge cup of Sweet Iced Tea, a Big Hunk and a kiss under the mistletoe at the Geo-Cache site, just about made my day perfect. Today’s start was not so glorious. I enjoyed my walk, but the coffee was not hot enough to start my day. When we left the hotel, we ventured to a downtown Portland, Oregon Internet coffee shop called Stumptown Coffee. Tim needed internet access and I was in need of java! According to many, Oregon and Washington are known for its love of coffee. I was anxiously waiting for the wonderful flavor to touch my lips and taste buds. I had even psyched myself up to deal with whatever type of cup it came in. The line in the coffee shop was 10-15 people deep, so wow, it must be sensational. Not. I asked for a small cup for me, a medium for Tim and an Italian Ice for Hunter, I requested the house brew, preferably light. I wanted to sound like I knew what I was ordering, much like you see in the movies when they order all that mocha latte stuff. I was given the two cups – thankfully not styro foam- of the appropriate size and sent to the direction of a black coffee Thermos pump thing. There was only one to chose from and the name of the coffee was Kenya Timoliio. That was it. It shattered my hopeful heart, but I was still holding out for that great experience, but oh my! Yuk! It was bitter! My faithful dose of calcium in Half-n-half didn’t help it either. Tim thought his was okay and Hunter sucked down his Italian Ice, so I guess his won the prize for the best. As we drive away from the city, it is now going on 1100, so coffee time is gone. I have missed my morning fix! I shall hold out for something else to jump start my day!

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