Monday, July 20, 2009

A day of travel

Whew! My body says it is midnight, but the clock on the bedside table says 9pm. Three hours difference from the East coast to the west is something to think about. The boys seem to still be feeling the excitement of today and Tim has not slept but one hour - he worked this weekend, Sat and Sun night, getting home this am at 0800. And then our big day!
Up at 5am, each kids room cleaned, clothes put away, then clothes packed, a few toys packed, items to pass the time on the plane and in the hotel room. Tim is up, clothes packed, the fumbling for all the techno gadgets - Garmin, GPS for his Geo-caching, I-Touch, I-pods, portable DVD, laptops, Game Boys, Nintendo DS, plugs for everything, batteries, cameras and so on! We really are a techno dependant family! (I did throw in a magazine or two, a coloring book and a book for Hunter - just in case, of course.) At exactly 11:45am, I looked at my empty suitcase and decided I better throw in a few items for me. You would think that we would be better organized since we have known about this trip for months. Na! What is the fun in no pressure or deadlines? Nonetheless, we were locking our door at 12:20pm and away we went.
The Charlotte airport leaves something to be desired. Not my favorite. Going through the security check was an adventure. Everyones' shoes, Tim's belt, hat, wallet, pocket items, three computers, the DVD player, a 3 year old, an 11 year old curious fellow and then the bag check. It seems as though a Power Ranger toy was suspicous of a gun. Oh well. I'm glad they are looking for things! Timing was great. To the Bathroom, to the gate, early boarding, and then 10 questions about are we flying in the sky yet? Fortunately, a three hour nap allowed us to entertain Walker for only 2.5 hours. :) We arrived safely to SF. A $42 cab ride for all four us and four pieces of luggage and 8 smaller carry on items, the Marriott was a welcome destination. We ordered room service pizza and salad and the day was complete! San Fransisco --here come the Martins!

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