Sunday, July 19, 2009

Vacation time!!

Preparing for a family vacation is quite a job! Work is always busy - getting everything organized and followed up on. You'd think that that would help the return to work go smoother, but unfortunately for me, the work will be placed on my desk, waiting for my return. Ahh! And then there is the planning the trip, the weather, the clothing, what all we will need for each section of the journey. And then there is the preparing for everything to be covered at home - the farm, the dogs, the fish, the plants and the list goes on. Makes you wonder if going on a vacation is really worth it. THe definition of a vacation is a leave of absence for rest or recreation. Hmm? Preparing for the vacation is definetely enough work to make you want to relax. Nonetheless, the weekend was spent cleaning and washing and getting the house organized, just to start the packing process. I'm tired! REady for a vacation. :)

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