Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day 2 - sightseeing in SF

Wednesday -
This is day 2 of my AONE fellowship. The morning was filled with information on lobbying and polilitics in Washington D.C and how it affects nursing. After lunch, we had a great speaker who challenged us to publish articles. Fun afternoon!
For the boys - they went to an Oakland A's game. Hunter is very into baseball these days. A professional game vs a simple farm team like the Grasshoppers in Greensboro, seemed much more exciting. Tickets for the noon game were only $10. 16 to 1 was the final score with the A's winning and gaining a greater respect from Hunter! :0 Hot dogs were only a $1, so they enjoyed the try experience of a baseball game! Walker ran out of steam and napped for a couple of hours - in the cool wind, I might add - but a great day for them!
Our evenings as a family had a focus destination of places to eat. Tonights adventure started out to be across the road from the Marriott. The kids played in the park, bowling was considered until we saw the price, Mo's hamburger joint had been recommended, but we declined. So off we went in blind search of something good to eat. Our steps found us back in ChinaTown eating in another hole in the wall place. I enjoyed my dish, but Hunter's was not as good as he anticipated.
A purchase of a very nice wooden Samurai sword for $8.99 and a smaller plastic one for Walker seemed to make the many steps worth the trip.
REturning to the room at 8;30pm again found me exhausted. My 0530 am wake up, my early enjoyable walks in the busy streets of San Fransisco prior to class seem to limit my wakefulness to 16-18 hours a day. The boys, however, seem to get re-energerized with the SF air. Tim seem to be enjoying seeing all he can see. He is quite the adventurous, curious type. We are missing Brittney! She too, would be soaking all the different cultures and sightings in this big city.
Thank goodness he has mastered reading a map and the public transport system of the city.

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