Saturday, October 3, 2009

Great day of fishing!

Friday- today is my kind of day! We didn't make the "free" power ball excercise class, but we hurriedly attempted to make the yoga class. To our dismay, the class was canceled. So, it was a family bike ride around the village. Brittney played hookey from school to spend some time with Nana Wee and Poppa, so she was able to get some fresh air and excercise too. After leftovers for lunch, we all loaded up for what we hoped would be a fruitful day of fishing! And that it was!
We caught Flounder, Pompano and Blue Fish. Tim caught several and turned over is rod to Brittney and me. He could barely keep up. He would bait x's 2, cast x's 2 and by then it would be time to take Brittney's fish off and then mine. He could barely keep up! The cooler was full and then.........we ran out of bait. :( We had more fish than we could eat, but we had lots of fun. Poppa even jumped up a couple of times when he saw a fish biting! He seemed to enjoy the excitement as well.

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