Saturday, October 3, 2009

Saturday Tears

Today is our last day on the island. Wow! the week has flown. Although I am not totally caught up on sleep, it has been a great week. Today, the breeze is nice and the sun is shining bright in the sky. My daughter and husband tell me I look like a tourist with my plaid crop pants and matching shirt. I have a white cardigan draped over my shoulder and a white visor on. My camera is over my shoulder, so in truth, I guess I do. Puddles fill the sides of the roads due to the rain the night before and the island is a buzz of cars and other bike riders as well as families strolling through the streets. I enjoy the island for the peace and quiet. The busy streets make is seem too much like our busy world at home. We were off for our morning bike ride around the village. One of the bikes has a seat that feels like a petrified banana when you sit on it, so we elected to rent a bike for Brittney to replace this one. At least then, for a couple of hours, we could fully enjoy the morning and the ride. Tim has the big bike with Walker in the child's seat behind. I am on the ancient "girl" blue bike. (At least it has fenders to guard me from the water splashes from the tires.) Sallie has Hunter's old bike - it is just her size. Blue Heron is a relatively new realty place on the island and Tim has elected to go to their office to check them out and rent the bike there. Tim leads the way, crosses the road, through the puddle to park beside the porch. Brittney is next in line to park the petrified, made for a feelingless butt, seat on the side of the building. I follow suit, maneuvering the cars and the puddles to come to a sudden hault in front of the building. Bringing up the rear is Sallie. And then, there was a clatter, a scream and oh no!!! Sallie falls off her bike into the mud puddle! She's laughing, but soaked. Two passerby's came rushing to her side. They assist her to an upright position, gather her bike and help her to the front of the building where the rest of us are standing. One of the fellows that assisted her commented, "some friend?". Sallie's response was "No, that's my daughter!" At the sound of the scream, I did look back. When I saw her tumble, I hurriedly searched for my camera. Snap! Snap! a priceless moment. She was laughing, so thus not unconscious. Her legs were in motion high in the sky, thus no broken bones. Me? I was adding to puddles with my tears that were rolling from laughter. I'm heartless, I know! It gives me a whole new perspective on mud wrestling. As expected, she gracefully recovered, wet butt and all. She was laughing herself.
5 minutes later, I was on the phone calling her best friend in Texas and sharing the experience. Tears of joy! What a day.

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