Tuesday, October 27, 2009

NC State Fair 2009

Our annual trip to the NC State Fair was spectacular! We visited our usual spots - the Village of Yesteryear being one of our favorites. A 73 year old painter who does a phenomenal job with painting wild life was in his regular spot. Many of his pieces were gone, so we settled on a wooden Christmas ornament with a chic-a-dee bird and then took a picture of him and Tim together.
There was the 50 cent pickle, the free hush puppies, the tiny bowl of peanuts and of course, the best ice cream in the world - the NC State brand! There was the hot deep fried onion and then the funnel cake. Hunter was wearing more of the white powdered sugar than what he consumed. Walker seemed to enjoy his hot dog the best. We enjoyed a slice of pizza as well as a chicken pita. We were tempted by the new "Pig Lick", but decided that chocolate covered bacon would just be too gross to consume.
Tim tried his aim at a shooting out the star, but missed two itsy bitsy red points. Its a shame I'm sure!
We eventually visited the dairy barn. My sweet husband even bought me a souvenir! (That's probably why it rained. :) It was a bright red NC State t-shirts stating I had been to the cow milking booth and it was "udderly" great. I proudly displayed my udders......shirt. We then took our family picture, in my big udders shirt, in front of the humongous pumpkin! Brittney may have been embarassed that her mother had no shame, but we did laugh and continue on our adventure.
A trip to see the goats found Walker feeling the 'little" goats were sad because they must miss their momma. And then he picked out a new friend....a black and white rabbitt. I liked the huge, big, fat, fluffy, brown one, but Walker and Hunter said NOT!
Tim was engrossed in the chammie wipes demonstration and then the bees and then the pottery making. He loves that stuff and absorbs ( no pun intended) all that they say. :)
Walker seemed to find EVERY wooden stand-up painting that required a face to be placed in the hole to complete the picture. So....15 pictures later.....we succeeded in finding them all.
Each year we also participate in a scavenger hunt to get our NC State Fair t-shirts. They are free this way. (Imagine us wanting a good cheap deal? )This year it was about saving energy and going "green". Hunter was much more interested and had some fun. He even got to play "wheel of farm questions" and got a prize.
We missed Kay Hagan by a few minutes this year, although it would have been good timing for me as I was preparing for a trip to D.C. Nonetheless, I did visit Senator Richard Burr's booth, without my husband of course. He was busy getting a free eye test.
And the moment the boys had been waiting for....Brittney arrived.....just in time for the rides!
Whew! Thank goodness. We each shared a ride with Walker - the big slide, the fun obstacle course, the catepillar roller coaster and then the round and round and round really really fast ride! Hunter enjoyed several round and round and up and down and make you dizzy and want to puke rides! Brittney was the escort for those!
The light rain began, so a cup of Hot Apple Cider, another tradition, was a perfect way to end the day. It was enjoyed as we watched a wild display of fireworks from the dry safe area of the old, antique tobbacco barn.
We left the fair in the late night hours. Thank goodness it was Friday - no work or school tomorrow. Another year of fun! Everyone was asleep 30 minutes into the ride home. Me in the van and Tim and Brittney traveling close behind.

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