Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hunter Scores!!!!

Today has been a busy day. Up early. Baseball practise at 0900. Hunter played great. His coach has him currently playing 2nd base. He hustled and stopped several ground balls, caught several throws on 2nd, whizzed it to the 1st baseman and hit three hits! Off the soccer we flew. 10:30am, breeze if perfect. Overcast sky! Temperature 78 degrees. Perfect day for watching soccer! Fire, the name of Hunter's team, is undefeated this season. Sure as I say that, it will jinx them! For whatever reason, the coach was switching out players quite frequently. At half time - the score is 1:1. Walker keeps up the tradition and runs across the field to carry his big brother a Gatorade, the color of his choice of course, to ensure adequate hydration is achieved. :)
the 2nd half - Hunter gets placed as a forward and Wa laa! He makes a goal! The winning goal, I might add! yippee! I was jumping up and down and hooping and hollering as all proud mothers do, I'm sure! The lady next to us, a mother from the other team, smiled and seemed to appreciate my enthusiasm. Next week will bring another challenging team! Let's hope the weather is good and the team plays well.

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