Thursday, October 1, 2009

Treasure hunting on the mainland!

In staying with the island theme, we became she-pirates today! We did our annual search for treasures up and down the seashore. A quick stop at the post office, a fax, and the bank teller we began our day. A hot cup of fresh coffee with a fatttening fat homemade warm cinnamon roll was our treat on the ferry ride to the mainland. We searched for treasures in many of our routine stores of which three are thrift stores. We truly search for treasures. Not to mention the money spent goes toward crisis prevention in the community! A brand new camo shirt with tags was the find of the day. Lots of t-shirt and souvenir shops as well. We enjoyed lunch at Lisa's pizzeria! A delightful day for Girls day out!
And then there was the trip back.....first to load on the ferry, we had a great view for the obstacle course that we endured. At least 8 different boats, some traveling quite fast, two kayakers and a jon boat with three men all seemed to want to play chicken. Of course, our big boat always won, but nonetheless, lots of boating traffic! We pulled into one lane to dock only to have to back up and re-dock at another. After deboarding, we then had to wait for the one lane traffic patrol to let us pass. Aahh! home at last. Hot Chicken Bogg was waiting for us!

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