Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The tradition of the pillow!

And the third pillow belongs to......Hunter!
I guess I have never felt it was such a milestone until my 11 year old son proudly brings home the pillow he made in Life Skills class at West Pine Middle School. You see, this is not our first made pillow. If I remember correctly, Brittney made hers - same school, same class - but it was bigger. Way bigger! The fabric on hers was more of a fleece/terry cloth. I remember at one point, she had to stuff it with newspaper because we didn't have enough stuffing.
And then there was Danielle's pillow. Hers was a similar size to Hunter's but plain blue. The fabric was just plain cotton. I can't tell you how many times I washed that pillow. She really did use hers! Plain blue matched everything and it was just the right size for sleeping or traveling!

And now, we have my son's beautiful, plaid pillow. His fabric has a corduroy feel. His is a good size. Hunter even wanted to put a pillow case over it to protect it from drool and such! I'm not sure who is more proud of it - him or me!

We took it for granted when the girls made the pillows. Its part of being a girl - knowing a little bit about sewing. After all, its the women who are supposed to attach buttons and darn socks and hem things. But my son! Wow! no - Cool! I'm excited that he will be independent with these task. I now have evidence that he can do these things! I now have proof that we don't live in the archaic times of only women can sew! Not sure he will like my new found respect for his sewing talent.

I wonder what Walkers will be like?? Hmm. we have about 8 years to wait. :) maybe someday we can have a reunion of the pillows. :)


  1. quick edit... mine was white with kittens drawn all over it. get it together, mama. :D keep the blogs coming!

    love you,

    ps: your memory is mistaken. mine was the best.

  2. and i think mine was like a leopard kind which was brown and had spots all over it cause i remember it ripped one day and i tried filling it with newspapers lol

  3. So..my children are adding to the story with the 'real' details. Is it old age that causes my memory to be failing? Hmm? I really think its having four kids. he he!